viernes, 7 de marzo de 2008

Version 1.3


It has been a period of important changes for us, and we have worked hard to launch a enhanced version , in which we have tried to solve the most of the bugs that you have notified us. We have added new features, many of them born of your suggestions, because our main objective is adjust CubeDesktop to user needs.
For example, in this version you can invert X and Y axis and mouse buttons, use the Windows key in the hotkeys, automatically snap to the selected cube face, use Beryl/Compiz 360º panoramic SkyDomes, ... test by yourself!
In order to make CubeDesktop a really usable virtual desktop manager we had to pulish three important areas:

1. Wallpapers. In this release you can change them in every possible way and CubeDesktop will remember it.

2. Icons. The icon engine has been rewritten from the grounds. Each desktop can have distinct icons. The new icon manager allows you to easily show and hide all the icons on a specific desktop.

3. Stability. CubeDesktop is much stable now. No more DirectX error messages. It just keeps working under almost every circumstance.

We know that there can be new bugs caused by those new features. In order to solve them faster we are going to create bug-tracking section in our website, allowing users to submit and track them. It will be available soon at the support section.
As usual, we have introduced a new effect with this release. It's called 3D Desktop Roll. It's still under development but registered users of CubeDesktop PRO can launch it and play with it. It's our first approach to cylinder and spherical effects. Hope you enjoy it!
This release also adds the first version of the official CubeDesktop manual. It's available in english and spanish at the support section and will be progressively updated. You can also download additional tutotials in spanish (by ALZ) and some animated icons sets (by Frankell).

We'd like to thank all CubeDesktop users for their support and help.

Thanks to all!

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2007

CubeDesktop 1.1.0 Released

Today we've released our new 1.1.0 version of CubeDesktop, our 3D virtual desktop and task switcher.
Move into the world of 3D virtual desktops and
download it.

This version contains a lot of new features and improvements :

- 6 virtual desktops. 6 sides of the cube fully usable. Updated in realtime.
- Impressive window movement between desktops by edge-dragging.
- Independent wallpapers and icons for every desktop.
- 360º skybox backgrounds.
- Edge smoothing and lighting.
- Internal support for 32 desktops, but only 6 visible in the 3D cube.
- Improved performance and resource usage.
- Tray icons for every desktop.
- Desktop live-preview in the system tray icons.
- Exposer speed improvements.
- Easy setup using a Vista Control Panel-like configuration system.
- Several improvements that you'd discover by yourself ...

We're continuosly improving CubeDesktop. Current work focuses on several new features:

- 3D interaction. Clicks and keyboard keystrokes on the 3D cube affect to the windows.
- More 3D figures to show up to 32 desktops at the same time.
- Window warping between desktops.
- Support for Beryl SkyDomes, panoramic backgrounds.
- New Window Exposer layouts.
- ... and some cool features still-to-be-announced.

Some screenshots:

Moving a window to the top desktop. Note how the window is transparently drawn at the screen and fully positioned on the virtual desktop at the same time.

Desktop live-previews in the system tray. Display the contents of a desktop without needing to switch to it.

A look at the bottom side of the cube. Note the 360º skybox theme, you could see the clouds.

Note that there're two icons at the top left side of the screen. Currently they don't do anything but in the future they'll be used to switch between cube rotation (first) and cube interaction (second).